CLEAN HOMES : The most painful word in itself, work out , isn't it ? Two words that conspires the entire universe around us "not to" move out of our beds, couches or loungers at any given opportunity. True after all we are all human and are slaves of gravity. So are our muscles and bones. That tend to surrender to nature's thumb rules and we being the mere naive mortals enjoy that comfort. Exactly , working out means working for yourself ,its the home you live in . Would we ever want our homes to look dirty or disheveled in any given point of time. No , right? We always want our friends, guest or relatives to compliment the way we keep our houses clean. Just like that , our body goes through wear and tear and general maintenance with each passing year and its up the hill post 25 , since its researched the aging process amplifies after this age and beyond.

OLD MONUMENTS: Aging is indeed the most inevitable truth , we can ever disagree to . But why give it up ? don't we all appreciate an old monument or and old piece of art. We all do, only because it has been "Maintained". This word Maintenance has so much to it. When it comes to our bodies , it is probably the most abused with food, bad habits and lethargy.

HUNTER -GATHERERS : We humans , were born to be hunter -gathers. Going back to the primal history of human evolution , if we break down this term , hunting involved a lot of physical activity and gathering meant food available by nature. With the race of time and our canned and tinned lives have made us only more productive in time saving , but has enslaved us into being such go getters , that we only move our fingers over our smart gadgets . Our body needs to move as a machine needs to keep working to function and have its worth.

COMMITMENT: Undeniably , we have all medalled ourselves with " lifestyle diseases" , which need no introduction.

To see your bodies change , to understand how your body functions , two things are very very important "Patience and Consistency". No power in this world can stop you achieving your goals. Yes nothing comes easy , or sugar coated in life . We earn our bodies and well being for ourselves not for anyone else. Hundreds of people have motivated , written , blogged about all these aspects, we might be one too, but yes , we understood the benefits and saw the goodness manifest on us through Discipline and Commitment . A sense of accomplishment when you finish your work out or any form of physical activity gives you immense sense of gratitude both scientifically and in your conscience .

At least 3 days a week, only 20 to 30 minutes is all you need to keep fit and upbeat. Once there , and you see changes , its guaranteed you would want for more . Its addiction , no doubt for us it is. Lets push those boundaries, way to go !

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