We are extremely happy , excited and grateful , to declare this as our First (Service) Collaboration with “Polished - The Home Salon “. 

Thank you Polished , for trusting in us , we were equally delighted to experience the outstandingly luxurious and rejuvenating services you designed for us to assess and opine on. 

Polished - The Home Salon , is a  ‘’women exclusive”. Which conceptualizes a spa/salon experience for the  women of Bhubaneswar , in the best possible prices at the comfort of your own homes ! . They provide you with an array of luxurious treatments and services , which start from hair treatments, facials , body massage / treatments , manicures ,  waxing , pedicures and so on . They have their very own team of female therapists , whom they   train and groom themselves to keep things extremely exclusive and professional .( Thats how it is different from similar organisations , where they outsource services , active in some cities these days ) . So that each service you get , has its own specialized , trained and professional hand and touch to it . They work on appointment basis  either through WhatsApp or through their website .



1.The services and treatments Menu / Brochure  was extremely classy and very informative. We found no hidden costs or taxes , rather they provide occasional discounts and offers . 

2.Prices in compared to the services in outdoor salons , were definitely lower . 

3.The Products , were authentic , for sure ( we checked them ourselves ). Brands they use are very plush !  Some of them are  Forest Essentials , Bomb Cosmetics , Sally Hansen , Moroccan Oil , Nykaa , etc . Which we swear by ! ( more information on their website ) .  

4.Punctuality . Our appointment was at 3 pm , and the therapists landed up exactly at 2.57 pm ! ( details on our VLOG-CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW )


5.They have their own Pick up and Drop off  , for their therapists, so it makes it totally hassle free , and authenticates it as a complete laid back , relaxing home experience . 

6.Hygiene . The first and foremost criteria when it comes to wellness , was totally not  compromised . Use of hand sanitizers , disposable and one use materials for each treatment separately , took our heart away !  Plus they used their own thrash bags to clean up .

7.The best of all !!  you can Customise , every service and tailor make it for you . They provide an option to use your own trusted , or home made products . For example , you can use your  home made oil for a body massage or a head massage , or use your creams , that suit your skin type and needs or prescription for facials !  Just that , they would charge you for the hands / services / therapists., Which we got to know is 70 % of the MRP . 30 % is deducted for the products that they won’t use from their side ! 

8.All of the above make it Time saving , luxurious , comfortable , customizable and flexible to your needs. Excellent in situations when some one is home bound under compulsion of Pregnancies or Injuries or just lazy ! 


 We were offered two services .

1.Supercharged Pedi ( 60 mins ) , Rs . 1,450 : completely done with Bomb cosmetics . Surprising element was the candle wax used for the foot massage to seal the moisture of the treatment . Fantastic aroma , our feet did show a change in texture and complexion immediately. 


2.Stress Relief Body Massage ( 60 mins ) , Rs. 1,000 : the price tag !!! , unbelievable for a 60 minute body massage , they used almond oil for us and yes we were thoroughly convinced post shower , our bodies smelt and felt divine and reborn ! 


1.With such a beautiful concept and design , they should cater Men too ! Which we think shall definitely be huge hit ! 

2.Stylized Hair cuts are something which should be added , thats what we thought was missing in the Menu . 

3.A Hair wash option , which again we thought was impractical . But we always wished that would have make things even more easier ! 


A huge Thank you ! To the entire team , for this  Collaboration and Trust. We were equally overwhelmed with the treatments and services. Extremely Bona Fide , with professional and personal touch , had us as their credible admirers . All the good luck , we are so happy to endorse you !   


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