Its a hit !!!

With one story on Instagram , there were tonnes of enquires and feedback on this Home Made Hair Concoction of ours. It was so overwhelming that we decided to make this recipe of ours permanent.

This recipe had been an underdog. Nicely tucked away on the side tables of our beds. We used it almost twice every week and never thought how precious it could be.  This was indeed an accidental discovery. It happened once suddenly when were half way  through different oils in their bottles and we just thought of mixing them all together. Every oil had its own benefits. So why not mix them all in some easy proportions.

Once , we had bumped into a spa in Thailand, which had herb infused oils , stored beautifully in glass bottles. They looked and smelled divine .It had been a real inspiration to make it look so beautiful and exotic. Then one fine day it popped into our minds to  zing it with some Ayurveda herbs, which we had collected from some government agro organic stores  and spices available at home. 

So we brought in the benefits of 5 hair oils together in one power punch. 

1.Home Made Organic Coconut Oil : is an excellent conditioner, helps in hair growth, has anti-microbial properties , is anti- dandruff .                

2.Castor Oil : is loaded with vitamin A , E and K that accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, checks scalp irritation and helps in hair growth.

3.Olive Oil : is rich in vitamins A and E , and antioxidants , that boost shine , enhance hair growth.

4.Amla (Gooseberry) Oil :  is rich in vitamin C , rich in antioxidants, treats itchy scalp, promotes hair growth .

5.Almond Oil : strengthens hair , is rich in magnesium and vitamin E , nourishes hair , treats hair loss and damaged hair .


Hence , spiking these oils with some age old Herbs ,which are known for their proven results with hair concerns. 

1.Methi ( Fenugreek ) : helps check hair fall , checks scalp dryness , can even prevent balding .

2.Shikakai : excellent conditioner , loaded with vitamin c , especially helps in collagen boost .

3.Brahmi : excellent hair growth promoter, repairs hair follicles, strengthens scalp tissues , reduces hair loss .

4.Dry Amla (Gooseberries) : same benefits as Amla oil and someway more potent. 


3 portions Coconut oil. 

3 portions Olive oil . 

1 portion Castor oil .

Amla oil (optional) 

Almond oil (optional)

Lightly roast all the spices and herbs over very low flame on a pan. 

Pour these spices into a glass container. 

While they are still warm pour all the oils into the bottle and store them well. 

Let the oils and spices do their job. 

Once the oil gets over , you can always refill the bottle warming the oils , very lightly instead to activate the spices all over again !.



Apply oil to the scalp , very lightly , without rubbing , pulling or tugging the hair. 

Wet a hand towel and put in a microwave for 30 seconds .

Carefully remove the towel , and wrap it around the head to steam the scalp, repeat 3 or 4 times. 

Let the oils stay for 2 or 3 hours. Shampoo and condition as usual ! 


You can try adding some Haldi (1 teaspoon ) and Neem , oil (maximum 2 or 3 drops ) if you have concerns relating to scalp infections too. 

We are eagerly waiting for a feedback ! 

We are sure if you are consistent , for atleast 3 months, results are likely to show up ! 


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